It’s Christmas here at Turnkey so it must be quiz time.

It’s started . We’ve reached the festive period and it’s time to reflect on the past year and, inevitably, time to do a few quizzes. For businesses it’s probably a chance to review what went right, what went wrong and what we can do to improve things in 2011. So, here’s a quick quiz which is designed to make you consider whether you have the right business system to take you forward in 2011.

How many of the following statements have you made or heard your staff make in the last 12 months? You can check your score at the end.

“Our company is using multiple software systems that do not talk to each other, so we key in the same information many times (and make a few mistakes along the way).” YES/NO

“We have outgrown our basic accounting software, it just doesn’t have the capabilities we need; it is slow and it’s increasingly unstable.” YES/NO

“We can’t get financial reports quickly or easily with the level of detail we want to make strategic business decisions.” YES/NO

“Our software system is no longer supported and we can’t get the help we need or it is too expensive to upgrade and maintain.” YES/NO

“Tracking new regulations/compliance issues is causing us headaches.” YES/NO

“Our sales and customer service reps constantly have to ask accounting for information—we need single screen visibility into sales, inventory, purchasing and customer history so we can give our customers immediate answers.” YES/NO

“I wish we had a system that was easy to learn to use and worked with programs like Word, Excel and Outlook, programs that we use every day.” YES/NO

If you answered YES to at least three of the above, then make a New Year’s resolution to speak to Turnkey and see how you can achieve seven perfect ‘NO’s!

Meantime, have a nice festive break and don’t dwell on it too much!