Fed up receiving emails about non-existent malware? Read on..

If you work in IT, you probably get a bit fed up hearing about supposed viruses which turn out to be nothing but harmless hoaxes. We’ve all received those emails marked “URGENT” imploring you not to open such and such a message as it will destroy your hard drives, infect everyone in your contact list, cause the PC monitor to explode, ruin your marriage and eat your children (OK, I made up that last bit).

Well, things seem to have just become a wee bit more serious – word from our infrastructure colleagues here at Turnkey is that there is a particularly clever programme circulating across the world at present.This programme takes on many guises such as XP Anti Malware, XP Defender Pro, and about 20 other different names.

They are picking up instances where users systems have been compromised and their anti-virus and internal software firewalls shut down, even where they had a reasonable level of protection in place. So if you haven’t been too concerned about potential attacks, think again and take some extra precautions. Now might be a very good time to speak to TIS (Turnkey Infrastructure Solutions to you and I). Not that I want you diverting any of your IT budget away from software to hardware but, if your system is trashed, then nothing will work. So, be safe.